Materials Group Lunch Seminar Schedule for 2023

These informal seminars are usually every other week on thursday at 12:00 -- 13:00, in room 216, Perleporten, unless otherwise indicated. For details and to volunteer (someone) as a speaker contact Astrid de Wijn or Hamid Khanmohammadi.

date speaker title, topic, comments
16 Feb. Saveria Structural integrity of 316L parts fabricated via Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (MEAM)
2 March Iman Hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion evaluation of Alloy 725 alloyed with B and Cu
16 March Fadzil Non-destructive testing on thermoplastic composite pipe
23 March, 13:00, with pizza Sølve Fjerdingstad, Sigur Technology AS Early detection of gearbox breakdown by using on line particle debris image analysis
30 March Indri Molecular Representation of Chemical Substances in Water Fleas Toxicity Prediction for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants Generation
13 April Xu He In-situ measurement of aluminium tube in rotary draw bending process
11 May, R50 Astrid Stretching, breaking, and dissolution of polymeric nanofibres
22 May Dr. Anju Massey-Brooker, Procter & Gamble Academia-Industry Partnership to fuel Innovation and Entrepreneurship
25 May Catherine Taylor Nordgård, Department of Biotechnology and Food Science The universal goo of life: functional properties in soft biological materials
8 June Haakon Acoustic emission of wear mechanisms in ball bearings
22 June Nuria Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants - from formulation to performance
27 June Tomasz Liskiewicz, Manchester Metropolitan University Probing fatigue resistance in multilayer DLC coatings by micro-impact: correlation to erosion tests
Summer! ---
24 Aug. Kastriot Formulating Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants using ester and PAO blends as base fluids
14 Sept., Berg 22 Maria Luisa Polyoxometalate - Ionic liquids or POM-ILs as lubricant additives
21 Sept. Afaf Saai (SINTEF) Multi-scale modelling of material: physically based +constitutive model and scale transition
28 Sept. Matheus Porto Trindade (Rio) High strength carbon steel under thiosulphate environment hydrogen uptake and desorption evaluation by TDS
5 Oct. Wefag Alawd Investigation of stiffness in dowel-type connections
19 Oct., R91
2 Nov. Torkild Reinertsen (Reinertsen New Energy) A Low-Carbon Future with Hydrogen, Ammonia and CCS
16 Nov.
30 Nov.
14 Dec. Eren Can Sariyarlioglu Effect of die design on charge welds in aluminium extrusion

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