Materials Group Lunch Seminar Schedule for 2021

These informal seminars are every other week on thursday at 12:00 -- 13:00, in room 216, Perleporten. For details and to volunteer (someone) as a speaker contact Astrid de Wijn or Hamid Khanmohammadi.

date speaker title, topic, comments
26 Aug. Nora Carbon Nanostructures as Lubricant Additives
9 Sept. Chiara Zarna Flooring laminates made from biocomposites -- core structures for a new lightweight laminate
23 Sept. Bassma The history of Artificial Intelligence
21 Oct. Haakon Tvedt Semi-automatic structural labeling of HAADF-STEM images of precipitates in Al-Mg-Si(-Cu) alloys
4 Nov. Erik Aas Koren Hydrogen uptake and diffusion in low alloyed
18 Nov. Victor Maneval Fatigue Lifetime prediction of damaged composite pipelines, using Finite Element and Progressive Failure Analysis
9 Dec. Roberto Troncoso Virial expansion and radial distribution functions for dense fluid mixtures
16 Dec.

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