Materials Group Lunch Seminar Schedule for 2024

These informal seminars are usually every other week on thursday at 12:00 -- 13:00, in room 216, Perleporten, unless otherwise indicated. For details and to volunteer (someone) as a speaker contact Astrid de Wijn or Hamid Khanmohammadi.

date speaker title, topic, comments
18 Jan. Wefag Accelerated Climate Ageing of Building Materials, Components, and Structures in the Laboratory
25 Feb., R90 Hilmar Apmann (Fachhochschule Muenster) Composites / 3 D printing
1 Feb.
15 Feb. Paula Hydrogen embrittlement of AM Ti-6Al-4V in comparison to conventional counterparts
29 Feb. Nima Tailoring for Additive Manufacturing (Material, microstructure, design)
14 March Aritra Sarkar Fatigue behavior of recycled Al-alloys: Challenges and mitigation
11 April Lu Xia (chemistry) A machine learning solution for potential energy surface representation — an artificial neural network potential (NNP) for illite
25 April - -
23 May Haakon Signal detection methodology in acoustic emission data
30 May, R51 Suraksha Sharma (structural engineering) repair and remediation of concrete structures
6 June Kastriot
13 June Nora
20 June

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